Monday, August 3, 2009

Things to do on a rainy day

Oh, I would surely love to be reading all day in my pajamas, but people keep coming to the door and it is embarrassing to get caught in pajamas after 11am as the whole Pajama Movement has been derailed by the horrible Early Morning Brigade that must Accomplish Lots. And I have a six year old who does not understand that if someone knocks or the phone rings, you are not obligated to answer. Let the world wait.

So here I am, pajamas frustrated, and the boy has decided that he needs to eat AGAIN, having been fed four times already today and he will need to be fed at least twice more again before I declare that I am on strike for the day. A dinner must be made. I think pork chops and mash and veg, which I will make him consume entirely as pennance for disturbing my reading and afternoon of reverie. Children just do not understand the beauty of relaxation and pottering about the house. Thank God we are going on holidays soon so we can get out of our routine and do something we both would not ordinarily do and just be different people for a week.

I just finished a necklace so take a look above....


  1. Hi,
    LOVE the nicklace. Tell me how you made it. What is holding the felted balls together? Don't have facebooks,so I can connect with you this way. Who will you visit in London?

  2. Hi Lisa, sorry just noticed this. I wet felted the felt beads and strung them on wire as it would pierce easily. That's chunks of graphite interspersed throughout. We were on holidays in London, didn't know a soul. We went over and have a map and just did the city!! Great time....