Monday, May 3, 2010

The Little Blog That Could...

Well, you might think that I disappeared, but here I am still. Easter holidays are well over and we are into the crush of finishing up my textile course for the summer and fighting off colds at the same time. My sewing machine is awaiting a part, so I am felting for the moment and hoping the new bobbin case arrives in the post soon. I have actually been doing a lot, even though my blog is not reflecting it (or perhaps lack of posts does reflect it???) Here is my newest hat, with Fionn modeling...

We are heading off to America for my brother's wedding on Friday so its all systems go! I have final projects to finish, house to clean, packing, little presents to finish, and I have to get us up to Shannon Airport and launched. Never a feckin dull moment. I have my red shell piece finished and my blue fishy egg pod embroidered piece is now done. Blue Fishy was supposed to be my 3D piece, but I loved it flat, so it's mounted to a canvas and I now must come up with something else. That has to be done by Thursday. Sigh.

Here are the pair of pillows I made for the sitting room with the felted hearts that Fionn and I made for Valentine's Day. I free-machine stitched them and then sewed them to the wool fabric that I space-dyed in the microwave. I love dyeing in the microwave for small batches. Small bundles of vibrant silk and wool that I can add to projects. The merino and silk tops dye especially well and really add a bit of pizazz to whatever I happen to be be making.

The is the heart that Fionn felted (with a bit of help of the final fulling from Mom).

My version

And in the middle of all of that, Dingle's Feile na Bealtaine is on this weekend. The theme this year was "St. Brendan's Voyage," which is a bit dry for a parade, but it was loosely (and colourfully) interpreted. Fionn's class did such a fantastic job and Fionn was a Fire person. There were Water, Chrystal, Fish, Lambs, Pilgrims, Monks--you name it, they were there! Fionn had a ball! Great job, Dingle!

I will try to blog from America on my brother's computer. I am planning on spending all spare money of fibre goodies to bring back. Then I must hunker down into my studio and get making stuff. But first I have to get my brother married and Fionn dressed to be ring bearer. More soon!

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