Sunday, November 21, 2010

Busy Little Felting Bee....

I have items finished, items dyeing, and items drying at the moment!  I have added to Etsy and posted new things to Facebook and, after some general typing, I have to get MARKETING for the next Lámhdhéanta that is coming up December 4th in Dingle.  This is the busiest November I have had in a long time, but I am hoping Black Friday will kick off some sales.  I am offering free shipping from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

This bomber-style hat is warm and stylish.  Low on
the neck to keep the wind out!

Ventry Craft Fair was last weekend and I got a special order to do matching cuffs and a headpiece for a fashion show in Killarney.  Interesting.  I need to felt the pieces tomorrow and then once dried I can start the surface decoration.  I plan on doing fun colours and then some multi-coloured with a black background.  The feedback on the cuffs/bracelets was very good, so I am hoping that I sell a good few at the craft fair on December 12th in Dingle at Benner's Hotel.  It's a Sunday and that's a very good day to BUY LOCAL and support local crafts. 

A selection of hats
And then there are the Christmas items that I must finish for friends and family.  God help me, some of them will have to be shipped by December 6th and that doesn't seem far away at all.  I may just about ignore my birthday this year. 

I am teaching a Christmas Foods workshop on December 4th from 1-4pm at the Pobalscoil in Dingle.  The fee is only €20 and will include making yeast bread, limoncello, whiskey liver paté, chilli jam, and more.  Lots of gifts to give for the foodie in your life and handy snack items to have on hand if visitors call by.  I will be including a recipe booklet to take home and samples and group demos to show how easy it all is.    The highlight will be a trifle homemade from beginning to end--so worth the extra effort as people will not forget how gorgeous it is!!

A classic Christmas dessert that becomes
immortal with a little extra work!!

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  1. Your work is so pretty! Love your bomber style hat! Good luck on the craft fair in December and your food class. You sure have been BUSY!