Tuesday, January 11, 2011

That 'ol Kerry Magic...

I have been noticeably absent, but I return!! Rising from the Christmas ashes, I am ready to take on 2011.  We had a lovely two weeks off and really did nothing but eat, talk, read, and watch movies, but that was exactly what the doctor ordered.  December, as always, leaves me burned out and that two weeks of thinking and reading and nearly downright lazy time is what I needed to get myself focused on the new year. And I came to a few conclusions:

Dreaming of 2011??  I think so.
If I am to endure poverty and obscurity, WHY not in Kerry?  We have a house and friends and a life here, I have my studio.  It just seems overwhelming and financially devastating to start over again back in Seattle.  My wee little start into a textile career would be sucked away into the recession abyss and my training and struggling would be for a hobby, not a career.  Just can't face that.

If I am staying, then I am investing myself MORE and not less into Kerry.  I want to put Kerry on the map for handmade goods and crafts tourism.  First stop is KerryHandmade, a guild for handmade artists of all disciplines.  I am organizing a meeting for Monday, January 17 at 7:30pm at Benner's Hotel in Dingle, Co Kerry.  This meeting is for all handmade artisans throughout Kerry, so spread the word. We will be discussing the purpose of the group, how to get our message out, and a craft fair possibility during the Pan Celtic/Feile na Bealtaine on Friday, April 29th. There will also be workshop teaching possibilities throughout the Feile. If you make handmade goods, please plan on attending as this will be of great benefit to you! I have high hopes to get something going to really start branding areas of Kerry as centres of creativity --no, I wasn't going to say excellence!!  Come along and we will see how to get the ball rolling.

And my final thought for the New Year: felt my way through it!  My house is up in a heap since I had to move all home during The Freeze, but back it must now go and get cracking on developing clothing!  I will be teaching a felting workshop of undecided focus in April and I must plan that and shift into replenishing stock and PLAYING with wool and design and colour.  Certainly more dyeing :) 

As dreary as December felt, January is certainly looking up.  You can't keep a good optimist down!


  1. All the best with all that Sharon. I always loved the Irishism 'up in a heap' for a mess. I still use it a lot but no one really uses it here in Scotland : )

  2. Welcome back Sharon and good luck with all your activities putting Kerry on the creative map in 2011!

  3. I'm glad to hear that you're feeling positive about the new year and think your new initiative sounds great. Here's hoping it's a success!
    And hurrah that you're interested in the supper club! I thought you might be. There's no payment involved. (Cooking dinner is enough to ask of anyone!) I'll add you to my list and be in touch once things are ready to go ahead, which should be in a week or two.
    I'm really glad you want to get involved!

  4. Thanks, Aileen and Nicola! Sharon, I am really excited to be doing the dinner club. Someone told me "What if it's all single women?" So WHAT if it's single women??! I find them much better company than men most days, anyway...:) Kinda fun to plan out a menu again...:)