Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Felting Through the Fog....

Is the fog literal or metaphorical?  In this case, both, I think.  The day is dull and white, with a steady drizzle.  It makes it hard to get up and going and after three cups of coffee, I know it just isn't going to be a productive day.

Last night we had our Craft in Kerry meeting and we are progressing along nicely.  It's a lovely group of people to be working with, happily everyone seems concerned with the group and not individual needs/wants.  There's a lot of start up work to get underway and really things should settle down a bit once we have our first event under our belt.  The great news is that the craft fair is going great and we have a photo in the Kerry's Eye coming up this week.  An interview with Weeshie Fogarty should really get the word out in Kerry. The next meeting is on March 27th in Castlemaine.  Keep an eye on the Craft in Kerry page on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Craft-in-Kerry/172314459478834 for up-to-date information.

Sneak peak
I took the plunge and joined Back Lane Artist's Cooperative in Killarney, run by Deborah O'Keefe.  I am working on textile pieces like mad that I will have to get to the framer soon if I will have them ready for the beginning of March.  So far, I am using merino, silk, bamboo, cotton scrim, cotton calico, and a couple of them are resist dyed with more soy wax.  They have all been hand-dyed for specific colours that I wanted to work with and seem to be coming out well enough.  I am doing a lot of mark-making with machine embroidery.  I do love machine embroidery and it is especially satisfying to take out my frustrations with the machine and just hammer things into their place.  Perhaps I have revealed too much....:)

Enough about me, how are you all surviving this end of winter/beginning of spring?  Daffodils are sprouting in Kerry....

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  1. the colors on this are yummy! I love the texture and the embroidery adds to them!