Friday, March 11, 2011

A Pox Upon Your Houses...

Newly framed piece on the way to Killarney!
Where have I been?  Why so silent?  My young son got the chicken pox this week.  Not plain old chicken pox, but a rather hard dose so I have been up at the wrong times of the night for the wrong reasons, running soda baths, visiting A&E, rubbing lotion on spots, checking fevers, hugging gently, and silently cursing chicken pox.  Thankfully no new spots today, so we are on the way to shoving them out the door, thanks for calling, bye now!!

What have I got done this week?  Precious little.  Hard to feel creative when you are so tired that even coffee isn't appealing.  I dropped off my last few pieces to the framer to get ready for Killarney, so they are in my possession and ready to head over.  Not as thrilling as I originally envisioned since I just want to get them there and go on to salvaging the train wreck of a week.  No time to celebrate as I have so much coming at me next week that if I don't clean my house today then there will be no chance of getting it done for another week.

I have been able to do some things by phone and Craft in Kerry is building up to be quite a great group.  Fantastic people that I have met so far and so enthusiastic about the work we are doing.  The craft fair is all set to go and we are planning a trip to Dublin to promote our summer craft sessions to tour operators.  A premises is being looked into and so there will be a flurry of activity to get ready, as Failte Ireland hasn't given a lot of notice.  Spring is in the air, but so is change!

Mixed media collage with embroidery, water soluble
fabric, beading, organza, Wensleydale

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  1. Love the colors of the first piece! Eww the chicken pox are no fun. Both my girls were immunized against them, but I have not so fond memories of when I had them as a kid. Hope he is feeling better soon and you can end the week with something fun!