Saturday, November 7, 2009

Quiet Saturdays...

Another wild weather day and I am home crocheting. I seem to have some sort of virus and my glands are all swollen and I am tired. I have a rather disturbing lump on my throat that the doctor tells me is enlarged lymph nodes and so I must take all activities down a notch. So crocheting fits into that category quite nicely.

I have a blanket that must get done in the next few weeks and I am going to start a new coat for myself (yes, ME!) I have so many craft projects to get at that it makes me dizzy to think of them, but I have to ignore them at the moment and get well or there will be no craft fair. The blanket is red wool from Donegal Wools and is for my son for Christmas. He wanted red and I am going to felt alien creatures and baste in so when I machine felt it, they will be in the surface design. He is all monsters, aliens, robots these days at age six.

For myself, I was watching the live-action 102 Dalmatians and admiring Glenn Close's amazing costumes that she got to wear as Cruella de Ville. I am going to make myself a black and cream Cruella de Ville coat--long and sweeping with vertical stripes (since I haven't Cruella's sharp edges!) and perhaps a hint of red along the collar.

I have a new nephew and I must start a pram blanket for him, but that might have to wait for another time. I did get some lovely alpaca and merino wool at the Knit and Stitch Show in Dublin. If I get that done in the next couple of weeks, it will be fine.

All the ornaments and jewelry that need to be done are talking to me, but just don't see it happening unless I am in flying form tomorrow. I am hoping I will get more done during the week in the afternoons. I have beading and embroidery work to do, and that is fairly low energy stuff. Being sick at this time of year is a bugger as this is always a busy time of year for me.

Think healthy thoughts for me!

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