Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/Serene Solstice....

I am so tired. I have spent the month of December catching up on projects that got backed up from getting sick for three weeks. I got everything in the post and got most of my stuff done. Then I headed straight into Christmas baking. Fionn and I did make a lovely tree for our house, a group project. I managed to get a pic of it. My digital camera has been on the fritz and so I had *hoped* that Santa would bring me another one, but NO. So I will have to hunt for a good deal in the January sales because it will just not do the job much longer.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve at a friend's house and then Christmas Day at our house. St Stephen's Day is the Wren's Day here and we did get out to enjoy the mayhem. I missed going out with Sraid Eoin on the Wren, but Fionn is having a shy patch and would not think of going this year. But we had a great time watching and meeting friends. I got pictures on my phone, but will have to upload later as my phone acting up. I seem to have poor luck with electronics.
Goals for the New Year are: finishing my new coat that did not get finished for Christmas; finishing up lots of hand-stitching experiments that are waiting in my office; start my FETAC Textiles course in January; start using acid dyes on fibre to experiment with colour; try and keep the house clutter down!! :) And the usual weight loss and quit smoking. Sigh...
I did get my Winter Swap from the lovely Jody Pearl in Australia and her handbag is so lovely....many thanks to Clasheen/Nicola Brown for organizing it. It's so fun to open up a box and have no idea what it could be!
I am organizing a fibre order to Fibrecrafts to stock up on dyed Merino and I am going to break down and get the silver clay kit that I have been ogling. Santa didn't bring it and I have the feeling that it is going to be a rather quiet winter and so lots of time for projects and experimenting. There is a strong chance that I will not being working and so I need to line up some projects to keep me from cracking up.
More soon, darlings, as I now have time to gather my thoughts a bit more. All I seem to want to do is read books and cook, and really, how bad is that??? I have another week of holidays before I find out if I am employed or not and so I am determined to relax and not worry about 2010 too much. Some might say it's denial, but it works for me!!!!

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  1. Hello Kerry, many thanks for visiting my blog.
    My sewing machine is a Bernina 1008 which is great for free hand embroidery.

    Best wishes

    Michala x