Saturday, January 30, 2010

Almost done with January....

With the FETAC Textiles in full swing and another Irish class, I seem to be busy all the time. We did sketching for our notebooks last class and worked on some collage concepts for design. This last class we dyed fabrics and practiced knotting, tying, and stitching fabric before it went into the dye to experiment with design. I liked folding and then stitching. The pieces all turned out pretty well, but the dye in the one silk piece I did bled all over the other four lovely pieces and so all looked kinda poorly when I took them out when I got home. That's life. But I was happy enough with what we learned.

I did have time during the week to make these two lovely alien creatures with my son. He needed two new heavyweight bookends to support the new books he got for Christmas. If you sneeze in his bedroom, they all wobble and most often go cascading off the shelf. So, I bought a load of New Clay from Cork Art Supplies and we got to work. We knew we wanted aliens and I let Fionn just go to town. Mine is the mother and child alien, which I ended up doing because I needed her to hold something because I am bad at hands! But I like her with the child. Fionn's has a pet beside it. We did them Tuesday night and they are still drying because they are so big and thick. Hopefully we can paint them during the week. I got some lovely Jacquard Lumiere paints at Christmas and so we will paint a base coat and touch them up with the Lumiere's.
Today I spend most of the day trying to organize the house and laundry. I made coconut macaroons, chilli jam, risotto verdi, and a lovely orange jello/jelly. So, tomorrow I must get felting for the entire afternoon.
I am determined to update my blog more often, so I hope to get felting pics up tomorrow night!


  1. I don't think your books will fall over now!
    I am visiting Ballyvaughan (CoClare) and of feb and wonder if you have any knowledge of anything textiley in that area, Galway, Ennis etc.
    I know its quite a way from you. My husband will be busy with concertina classes so I would like to do my own thing.

  2. There is a lot of textile stuff going on in Mayo, of all places, Cork, Dublin, and Limerick. You would be much closer for a side trip into Limerick. Do you know Stitchlily? She runs the Wooly Way of Ireland, a blog for all Irish textile stuff. Check the blog out and she will have some good ideas. In Galway City there is a good bead shop, small but lots of stuff and nice to have a poke around and stock up. Galway is about 45 min or so from Ennis....Galway has great shops to poke around, but not a lot of textile stuff....if I order in Ireland I get from Cork or Mayo (Westport), but Mayo is a long way from Clare....

  3. Thanks for the plug, though I dont know everything...yet!! Love your bookends, cant wait to see pics of the felt.

    I'm doing a big clear out, and I've loads of notes, photocopies, etc, on different textile techniques. Thought since you are doing the textile course, you might be interested. Otherwise they are just going into re-cycling...

  4. Yeah I would love the notes etc. Let me know when you will be in Dingle again. I think you are friends with my instructor, Una ni She?

  5. Looking forward to those felting photos!