Monday, January 18, 2010

Flying through January...

Why did I ever think January was a slow month? I have changed jobs back to work at Aiseanna na hOige creche, started Irish and textile FETAC courses, and have a two friends having babies so must get going on blankets. I had one pram blanket started in red and pink and she had a boy! So back to ground zero on that one. Hopefully it will do for the second baby due in March.

I did get a Magic Book done for a friend's son. He is four year old and I figure still ripe for all the magic of possibilities. I got him his OWN scissors and glue stick, washable markers, and watercolour paints. He can draw and write to his heart's content and cut out pictures from magazines etc. There are lots of O's all over the front because that is his special letter. I am hoping this also helps while away the time on the bad winter weather days. I think he will get it when I show it to him. Gotta encourage that creativity in kids because I notice that school doesn't seem to do it much.
I got Fionn and myself a big, somewhat heavy (12.5 kilos) bag of clay and we are going to make bookends to start. If someone sneezes loudly in his bedroom, all the books fall over and start cascading off the shelf, so I am hoping that his is fun and practical. We are either doing a pair of robots or monsters and I have some Jacquard Lumiere paints to pretty the whole thing up when its finished.
I got a commission to do a series of butterflies for a little girls bedroom. This is the second commission on the butterflies, so maybe I need to get ahead and try to get some ready for sale. I need to do an order with Fibrecrafts and stock up on fibres since I did use a lot for Christmas. I was thinking of doing some Valentines Day broaches and hats, but time is getting on for that. I need to get busy....
The textile course is underway! Hooray that we finally got enough people to get it going again. We did straight embroidery for the first class, trying out new stitches. Not sure what we are doing the second class, but we need to bring in a kitchen utensil, which is intriguing..... I think Una ni She will let us do a lot of experimental stuff, too, which is good to muck about and find out what works and what doesn't. We are also working quite a lot at developing a sketchbook for design purposes. I ordered a big one and some pastels for doing colour in the small one that I have.
One of my resolutions is to post this blog more often. My new digital camera is one the way, so I will have better images to post soon. Until we blog again....xxoo

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  1. Wow you are busy at the moment! Love the photograph and it makes me really wish that I could enjoy stitching and beading more because it really adds to the finished work!!