Saturday, June 26, 2010

For all markets...?

Dingle Market isn't really bringing me any luck.  I sold nothing yet again.  I know I should keep with it to see it through the summer at least, but in my heart I don't see crafts selling all that well there; it's a foodie game.  Crepes, sausages, baked goods, organic beef, fresh fruit and veg--it all sold.  There were some lovely crafts there besides mine.  The crafts just didn't seem to sell.

Aine modeling the new felted cape with flowers.
I know perseverance is needed here, but I also think I need to diversify.  I need ETSY to get going and possibly an  artist's co-operative.  Dingle Market won't bring me money, but it may bring me visibility.  Now I need to find something to bring me money!  Seriously, the point of it all is to make money doing something I love.  Plenty to think about. 

I am fairly grounded to the house now.  Fionn woke up with a mother of a swollen throat and it's definitely strep throat and he is on antibiotics.  They also did a blood test for glandular fever/mononucleosis since the doctor said that it was going around, but I don't think he has it (I Googled the symptoms).  Either way, he should be fine in a couple days.  It hasn't dampened his spirits at all because he is driving me nuts to go and play with friends, but I wanted to keep him quiet for the rest and to give the antibiotics time to work.

I seem to be on a cleaning binge.  It does happen.  I have reorganized the sitting room and cleaned under the furniture and clean bathrooms and the shed today.  Tomorrow I am tackling the spare room and Fionn's room, both of which need a thorough going over.  Never a dull moment!

Aine at the MFG Community Booth.  We sold brown bread, elderflower cordial, and handmade soap, along with my things.  All produced in Dingle!


  1. Hi Sharon,

    The felted cape looks wonderful!

    I hate to be negative but I have personally decided NEVER to do a market or craft fair again. I NEVER, EVER have sold enough at any one of these events to justify attending not to mention the huge amount of work involved, the early start and the emotional turmoil of putting your work on the line! If you want to do demos however it is a good way of promoting your business (do you ever offer workshops??) and that way you can drum up some future custom but are not actually relying financially for sales on the day, think of it more as an advertising opportunity. My best advice to you would be to quit while you are ahead and investigate the possibility of a Big Cartel shop where you are not in competition with mass produced items masquerading as hand made.

    Anyway, best of luck with whatever you decide!



  2. Hi Sharon, love the new look for the blog! Markets are a toughie, but you're right about getting visibility. Personally, I love markets, fairs and festivals because crafting can be such a lonely affair. Especially when there is also kids in the mix! And its a great way to just get out, chat to people, and drum up workshops and commissions, interest in general. So, it just depends on how you like t work. I love the social aspect of it.

    Must catch up soon!