Saturday, July 3, 2010

A quickie....

Hello chickens!  I am off to Dublin tomorrow for a sewing workshop at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) for the week, so I am fluttering around trying to get Small Boy and myself ready for the chaotic schedule.  I have not been feeling well, so I am already behind!  Fionn starts camp on Monday and he is sleeping in a different bed each night and hopefully won't miss me too much (and me him!). 

My course is called Creative Sewing by Aisling McLoughlin and thank the Lord they are providing sewing machines and I won't have to drag mine up by train.  The fees that Ryanair would charge would nearly justify buying a new machine!  Ms. McLoughlin makes handbags by trade and so it would be really interesting to see her stuff and get some practice in there as I would like to try my hand at making handbags.  She is on faculty at the NCAD so a fresh point of view will be interesting as I have been working with the same (wonderful) tutor for some time.  Something new to add to the mish-mash of my brain.

So, no pics now.  I will take loads in Dublin and give you a big, fat post when I return.  Enjoy the summer!

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