Saturday, July 17, 2010

I started a Facebook page for Chiarraí Creations this week (see my wee badge in the top right corner) and I think the pressure to post more pics, finish work, get my ETSY shop open finally is going to give me plenty to blog about! I am on the antibiotics still, but the little darlings are working and I can feel my energy coming back slowly but surely. I got into the studio yesterday and finished beading my seaweed wrap and felted a silk and Merino nuno scarf. I think it came out pretty well and I am happy with the colours. My critical eye is always: would I wear this? Maybe I am a bit of a Smarty Pants, but I think I happen to have good taste and so, sorry to say good people, I will be producing goods that I like and approve of. Let's hope that snarky attitude will actually put a bit of money in the bank....

The model for the silk and Merino scarf was drafted under duress so I could get a quick pic and get this posted.  I had to promise Tayto's, which he is eating while I photograph.  I think the scarf is nicely offset by the Transformers' pajamas, don't you???

Finally, pics of my seaweed wrap.  I have felted the optional brooch for tying it, and have to dye it to match and stitch yet.  Will do a pic with a model to show the drape when I finish it Monday.  You can really see the free machine stitching and the random beading.  I think it's pretty and I WOULD WEAR IT!  Ha!  You have to laugh at yourself!

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