Monday, July 19, 2010

Something's Marinating in There....

I have had the idea, off and on, for the last year that I want to start fibre weekends in Dingle.  I want Dingle to become a destination for artists and hobbyists alike who are looking for training in a fun, inspirational location.  The talent is certainly in the area, it just needs to be organized.  So, I think I am going to step up to the plate, with more than a little assistance, and organize a small weekend at the end of September.  I am trying to start small and be practical, but it really isn't one of my strengths.  I am going to have to have someone nominated as the Rain on My Parade to stop me from scheduling fibre slumber parties and marathon dyeing sessions and how to felt your own lampshade sessions--you can see where a little enthusiasm can go all wrong. 

For now, I am thinking of doing a session each of Crochet, Knitting, Feltmaking, and Fibre Dyeing.  Once I have the instructors on board we can think of interesting focuses in each subject.  I would love Tunisian Crochet or how to crochet lots of flowers (or coral!!).  I would love to see a patchwork session, but I am not sure if a short session would serve that well; if people are interested then that seems like a weekend affair.  I have dyed loose fibres, but not spun yarn and a big session of dyeing fabric for patchwork would be good.  Intro to Knitting would suit me since I cannot knit, but most people learned to knit in school here so I think we will have to think outside the box on that one.  Nuno felting is popular, but laying out fibres and felting a handbag or slippers would also be good.

I think that we want to get the pre-Christmas crafty people who would be interested in learning something new for the coming gift-giving season.  I don't know if it's recessionista or simply just anti-Celtic Tiger  excess, but there is a huge upsurge of interest in making things by hand.  Perhaps they just want to keep their hands busy so that they don't crack up while out of work.  Get out of the house and into some grownup talk.  I don't care.  People that can make things with their hands are usually far more interesting.  They are My People.  They understand why it is so important to stay up until 1am (or later) to finish crocheting a project when the more sensible people are sleeping.  Dyeing your own fibres and felting a scarf and spending five hours beading an item are perfectly legitimate uses of time.  It's these people who will come to Dingle.

And I want to lure them with a Swap or Shop.  The day of the workshop a select group of people will be invite to sell materials, lovely stuff that will be hard to put down, things that need to come home with you.  Alternatively, people can bring items from their own stash at home and swap fabric/wool/fibres. 

Lots of ideas swimming in the head.  Time for a cuppa and to find my crochet hook and have a think....


  1. What a lovely blog, KerryFelter ~ shall come back and visit again! Your ideas for fibre weekends sound wonderful and what more magical spot than Dingle...?

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  4. It sounds like a great idea and one I hope works out well for you.