Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another Drizzly Sunday in Ireland....

I have, over time, developed the bad habit of starting new projects before finishing old ones.  So this week, I have been trying to tidy up and finish up projects sitting around my studio.  I am trying to clean up my act.  I suppose when a felted item doesn't turn out the way I wanted it the urge to embellish dies with a thump.  Why bother when it won't be an item for sale or even good enough to give as a gift?  Too many white elephants on the learning curve. 

So I am beading the collar on the turquoise cape because it really did need a bit of bling before it was completed.  The collar will make the whole garment stand out.  I did felt two handbags, but I suspect that resist felting is not my forte yet.  I will need a lot more practice before I produce something that I could sell.  Perhaps nuno felting and sewing the handbag pieces?  Hats are coming along well.  I finished a purple and gold one that is felting as we speak and I finished a lovely scarf that will match a hat.  I have a charcoal gray hat the I am working on now, so there is progress.

It's all go for the Dingle Fibre weekend on September 25th.  I am tentatively going to call it Lámhdhéanta or Handmade in English.  While most of the workshops will be just textile initially, I would love to see other handcrafts included if we can get going.  I am in the middle of contacting people, inquiring about space and funding, and putting a committee together.  A committee of people is a tricky thing because they have to be people that are workers and all get along.  Not always an easy task.  And not too big a committee or else we will never get agreement on core issues. I think five people sounds good, an odd number in case we can't agree.  I know I should start with just the Saturday, but my guy says do an optional Sunday for crafts that need more practice time.  It's hard to rush a learning a new skill because if you don't get enough immersion then you don't go home and practice.  It's a waste of time.  Must have the committee agree on that one!
No pictures today as my camera is not uploading photos.  I think I need to get a new memory card, but either way my computer is locking up when I try to upload.  Not a good sign.  I installed new anti-virus, so applications should be safe enough.  Thank God I have insurance on this computer so if it ever does go BANG then I just go and get a new one. 

I will post again in the next couple of days when I can get some pictures to upload....

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