Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another rainy day in Ireland...

Close-up of my nuno-felted scarf.  Merino and silk into silk chiffon.
Well, my grass is certainly greener, but I want our warm, balmy summer back!!  I have high hopes for next week.  In between studio work, I have things to plant in the garden and I want to buy paint for upstairs and begin that dreaded project.  I must be feeling better if I am dreaming up more work for myself.  Small Boy gave me his strep throat that he had ten days ago and LUCKY ME I have it far worse than him.  Thankfully I got to the doctor and got meds when I did because I got worse before I got better.  Throat still swollen, but on the mend now...

Crochet and felted wool hat
Here are a couple pics of of completed work.  Nuno felted scarf done in red and hand-dyed silks and merino.  I felted this one a bit thicker than the other one.  It's nice, but I think I liked the peek-a-boo aspect of the chiffon underneath much better and it's a lot more flexible for tying.  This hat turned out well.  I think I would make the tail a bit longer.  I did one in blue and green for my brother and the tail was so long it kind of wound around your neck like a scarf.  Very cosy for winter and the hat part slouched on like a beret.  I need to keep working on it to get back there.  For now, I think I might bead around the brim just for a bit of added bling.  And then another thing done for the ETSY shop!
Slowly but surely adding stock up for the start.

And finally, I finished two necklaces.  What I love about these, other than the lovely colour of glass beads, is that it doesn't have a clasp.  I can't tell you how many times I have to fuss with a clasp when I am late and trying to get out the door.  The long end simply slips through the loop and you are good to go.  I have been wearing a multi-coloured one for the last few weeks and it goes with almost everything.  I am tempted to stop wearing my other necklaces!  A friend said that she wanted to buy one for her mother because she has arthritis and can't manage the clasps anymore, something that hadn't occurred to me at all.  I need to think of a price and try to sell these locally.  I love the random colours personally, but the all blue is lovely.  I think I will try to do a green and red-toned one. 

And finally, internship has started so plenty of time to press ahead.  After work, I will be in studio working on wedding accessories.  And I need to make some money to pay for a new sewing machine.  If I can kick this strep throat, then it's all GO!

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  1. Hope you are feeling better soon, strep is the worst. I am loving the colors in your scarf, and your necklace is a great idea!