Sunday, September 13, 2009

September, the transition month....

Hi folks. I have been a big ol slacker about postings lately. It seems like it has been rather hard to get back to normal after the summer. And the summer weather that suddenly arrived this week has not helped matters any! Homework for rang a haon is quite a step up and we have had great stress getting used to the spelling tests. Good news is that on the second test small boy got all words correct!

I am in transition because I am de-cluttering the house and trying to get ready for painting bedrooms and getting floors put down. How do children acquire so much crap??? I blame Happy Meals. I have two months of gardening to get done in the next few days because God only knows when we will have fair weather again, so I have gotten no craft projects done this weekend.

I am in transition because I have craft supplies en route and I can't wait to get started on new projects. I received most of the wool I ordered from and I have a separate order coming from Fibrecrafts in England. I ordered a whole load of Solufleece as I just LOVE it. I love designing my own fabric and I have great ideas to get on with if it would ever get here.

I am in transition because men are driving me a bit crazy with their inability to make up their minds. After a week of dickering around, it is clear that he is too busy for me but does not want me going out with anyone else and is not prepared to do anything to make me feel secure, wanted, needed, appreciated etc. Bloody men anyway. I need my craft supplies to keep my head sane.

And the final transition appears to be out of my job. I am told that the Community Employment scheme that I am on is finishing at the end of October and I do not qualify for the additional two years because I don't have enough stamps. I am to go on the dole for a year and then I will qualify for the additional two years work. It makes no sense at all, but I am beginning to see how this might work out a bit. I will be dirt broke, but if I stock up on wool and beads and other supplies I might need, then maybe I can use the time to work on developing products. God knows I will have to do something productive to keep from going loopy at home. I completely dread being out of work through this recession, but there appears to be very fecking little I can do about it....


  1. Looking forward to seeing more photos of your work and work in progress. Are you on Flickr and if so what is your name? Thanks, Nicola aka Clasheen!

  2. My name is Sharon and I am not on Flickr or Etsy yet. I am just getting my first order of hats ready for next Friday. I am working part-time, but that will be ending next month so I am stockpiling supplies like mad so I can at least get ready for craft shows and not go mad at home! Love your site....hopefully will connect to Flickr or Etsy in my "quiet" time. Are you going to Knit+Stitch in Dublin?