Sunday, September 20, 2009

Well here I am again on a Sunday. I am always hoping to post more often, but once a week seems to be my regular posting. I actually got a lot of work done finishing projects up. I have a commission for a butterfly grouping for a child's bedroom and I felted the pieces ages ago and have just gotten around to doing the embroidery and bead work to finish them up. I should finish the third butterfly tonight and then just the ladybird (or ladybug for the Americans) to work on tomorrow.

It's amazing that I got ANYTHING done today at all with Kerry winning the All-Ireland and my son being grounded for the weekend. It's so hard to concentrate when they need to eat every hour and want to be entertained. It would be much easier to throw small boy outside and relax, but he cannot stay out past dark on a school night and Wednesday evening found me knocking on six doors before I could locate my wayward son and get him home. Not good. So I am cracking down and I doubt that he will chance sundown before heading home now.

I am hemming and hawing about craft shows. I did one craft show last year and I made no money at all on it. The stuff I sent was good but people were just not buying. Do I go again and hope for the best or do I forget it as the time and money for prep will just not be worth it??? When you make lovely, handmade things it's hard when people do not buy, even with good prices.... I was thinking Christmas stars for tree top and ornaments for the tree and making bracelets with the children on the day (they choose beads and we can do together). It would be nice to sell a few hats and do a few jumpers, but they are all in the box from last year. I hate to spend too much time on things that may or may not sell.....Must spend time this week thinking about that.

Other than that, I have been bogged down by a cold and the postal strike in England that has hijacked supplies that I am waiting on for AGES. Give me my Solufleece!!! Perhaps I will start on more butterflies and a series of pins that may or may not sell.....

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