Sunday, September 27, 2009

The weekend flew....

Another weekend gone and I have been stuck in the house trying to get my first hat order ready. I have three hats completed and just need linings added. I have two more that need to be assembled but are nearly there. The red and white hat (pictured below) I made using my Solufleece that finally arrived in the post this week. I find that this process is hard on sewing machine needles, so it's good to have a gross of them on hand. I have the lining in this one, so it is technically finished, but I am not happy with it and I will take the lining out and have a bit of a redo.
Since it has been mostly wet, I have the perfect excuse for ignoring the growing grass. If I wait another week I might get away with the last mowing of the autumn. I do love gardening, but I just don't seem to have the time or good weather to do as much as I would like. I have planted some hyacinths, narcissus, and crocus for spring, but I would like to get some more tulips and dig up some of the FREE monbretia that grow wild all over.

All these projects must come to an end as the Dingle Food Festival is on next weekend, if we aren't all suffering from indigestion from the Lisbon Treaty Referendum on Friday. This is the third year and it keeps getting better and better. The taste trail will be in full swing and all the food booths. I have heard rumor of the taste trail moving out west of Dingle with a bus tour to get us all to and from. This is a fab idea and I am hoping to sample much food and beverage. It goes without saying that the small boy will be happy enough to eat his way across Kerry....

I have a big order from coming this week as part of my winter stockpiling efforts. I also discovered and they have a mad kind of website but there is a tremendous amount of fabric and notions there. Their prices are outstanding. They have the best price on Solufleece and the satin lining fabric that I need for hat linings. Take a look!

The minimal amount of house cleaning and laundry was done this weekend so we should survive without being declared dangerous or smelly. I did make lovely calzones for dinner tonight. I seem to be failing to impress the small boy with dinners lately. I thought homemade calzone was a great dinner, but he pronounced it disgusting. This, after I made the sauce and dough and baked the feckin things. I did remind him sharply that not a lot of mom's bother to make things from scratch, but I'd say that landed on the floor before it could reach his ears. He seems to want to eat nothing but crap lately, but I just can't let him get away with that. Perhaps if I starved him for a day he would have a better attitude about eating what's put in front of him...? Sigh.

I am eagerly awaiting my Eason's order in the post. It contains Embroidered Books by Isobel Hall. Hall previously wrote Bags with Paper and Stitch and both books are luscious eye candy. I have been toying with the idea of making handmade books or at least really gorgeous felted and embroidered covers. I will wait for a rainy day and sit in my pajamas and read it with a cup of coffee. It goes without saying that it will be sans child.

Now, I really don't think my newly felted flowers are going to bead themselves.....

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  1. Thanks for the link to fabric land, looks interesting!