Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday should be called Rush-Day...

It is widely accepted that giving up cigarettes is not an easy process, but it isn't just the cravings. I have had narcoleptic and sleepless nights, sensitivity to noise, increased hunger (I eat sugar snap peas by the packet), and now, at close to two weeks off them, I am getting chesty and coughing. Surely things should be settling a bit now in the next week! I always get a cold when I attempt to quit, and so last Friday and Saturday were a lost cause because of that. I am determined not to give in this time. At least I can say that I completed one goal that I set for the year.

The good news is that I did get a studio. I haven't seen the interior yet, but its more space than I have now and the price is good. I need to start working outside the house and this will help me concentrate more and really attack the work that needs to get done. It's not far from the house and Fionn can walk over after school and meet me there. It's heated and there is electricity for the sewing machine. Now that the days are extending a bit every day, I can see myself in my little hideaway actually getting stock built up!

Class is cracking away. This week we worked on coil wrapping with wool and fabric. I have a 3-D basket started and I must get at it tonight if I am going to make progress on it for class on Thursday. We also finally got our sketch books and I must enter all our progress to date so that all the clutter on my dining room table is GONE and things are as they should be once again.

I FINALLY got the camera and it is lovely. I haven't had time to finish stuff, but here is a preview of a freestyle crochet jumper that I am working on: lots of colour!!


  1. Keep it up!!! You may be going through a rough time right now, but things will get better!! Keep your hands busy with you work! And wear something under that jumper!!!! :)

  2. Stick at it. You don't want to go though all this again do you?